History of Title Insurance


Title insurance has protected the American dream of homeownership for more than 125 years. The first title insurance company was founded in 1876 by a group of Philadelphia conveyancers. Until that time, conveyancers were responsible for personally searching title records to determine ownership of the land and encumbrances on the title, but there were limits on the protection that the conveyancer could provide. This led to an historic court decision in 1868 encouraging the creation of title insurance.


The continuing expansion of the industry became much more pronounced following World War II as returning servicemen began to buy homes in large numbers. The title insurance industry then shifted from a local enterprise to a national business. Yet despite the national lending/investment environment, and the advent of the secondary mortgage market, title work has been, and continues to be, based on state laws and local customs.



Title Insurance Today


Today, the role of title companies has evolved as they offer a broader scope of services and continue to provide security to real estate investors. As rapid and dramatic developments drive the real estate market, real estate investors in this country continue to receive title protection at a level of excellence unequaled anywhere in the world.  Real estate is the nation' s largest asset, and title insurance ensures the quick and secure transfer of land, giving mortgage lenders, homebuyers and investors a sense of confidence in their investment.


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